Elementary School Programs

Water Cycle Bracelet (1st-3rd)

Water Cycle Bracelet ActivityStudents learn the many components and processes of the water cycle while assembling a bracelet using colored beads that represent each part of the water cycle.


States of Water (1st-3rd)

Students learn to distinguish the three states of water– solid, liquid and gas while playing a card matching game.

Tap Water Challenge Activity (4th-8th)

Students perform tests on the water to determine the amount of Chlorine, pH, Iron, Copper and Hardness.

Water BINGO (1st-6th)

Students will learn 24 different definitions of rivers, watersheds, the states of water etc. and incorporate the definitions into a fun, interactive and hands-on game of Bingo. This game is tailored to the specific grade level per teachers request.

Water Conservation Jeopardy (3rd-6th)

Students engage in a game of Jeopardy all while learning about water conservation. There are a total of 25 different questions that students can choose from. This game is interactive, fun and hands-on.

Water Matching Game (1st-3rd)

Students play a water matching game where they have to pair two of the same items together all while racing against their fellow students.

Water Supply and Conservation Presentation (4th-12th)

Students will learn about the water supply, where the water comes from, how the water is treated and distributed and ways to conserve.

MWD “Water Is Life” Poster Contest

Students in K-12 within the RWD service area are invited to participate in the poster contest. The objective is for the students to be able to create an artistic poster depicting various water uses and ways to use water more efficiently. One entry from Blandford Elementary School in Rowland Heights, was among those selected to be featured in Metropolitan’s 2016 Calendar. Click below to see the winning entry.
Ethen Chen

Careers in Water-Power Point Presentation

This presentation provides a general background on the District and on the day-to-day operations of a typical water district. It also includes a description of various positions available to those interested in pursuing a career in the water industry.

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