“EduBucks” Makes Learning Fun for Local Students

January 30, 2020– In partnership with the Water Education Water Awareness Committee (WEWAC), Rowland Water District is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 EduBucks educational program. Rowland Water will award more than $7,000 in cash prizes this year to area schools and teachers who have provided significant educational contributions to make the general public aware of the importance of saving water.

“This is a terrific program that encourages area teachers to have fun and get creative in crafting water activities, curriculum and classroom field trips for their students,” says Brittnie Van De Car, Public Affairs Representative for Rowland Water District. “Our educators work hard to help motivate their students to get excited about water, and they’ve provided detailed summaries of their educational projects. Each one is a fascinating, impressive endeavor.”

The purpose of the WEWAC EduBucks program is to improve and supplement academic instruction by providing financial support to teachers who initiate creative classroom projects to increase students’ awareness of the importance of water in Southern California. Grant amounts awarded may total as much as $1,000 per application.

This year, educators from Blandford, Jellick, and Rowland Elementary Schools were among the many applicants to receive an EduBucks award. Recipients and their respective projects and grant totals are listed below:

Lori Wasson, Blandford Elementary School: “The Water Cycle and More” $964.11

Joan Durrin, Brenda Parel, and Cindy Jones, Rowland Elementary School: “Mankind’s Impact on Water” $986.25

LaDonna Guzman, Rowland Elementary School: “The Stewardship of Our Water Cycle” $981.00

Gilbert Navarro, Jellick Elementary School: “Aquifer Model” $538.07

Amanda Garrett, Rowland Elementary School: “Ocean Water Cycle” $981.00

Tracy Delligatta, Rowland Elementary School: “Water Cycle and Role in the World” $981.00

EduBucks Awards Total: $7,403.93

“A district representative visits each school to ensure that the winning projects have been completed,” adds Van De Car. “Our ultimate goal is to introduce new water-wise habits to our students and in our classrooms, and perhaps spark some future interest in water industry-related careers in the process.”

For more information about the EduBucks program or about Rowland Water District visit www.rowlandwater.com


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