Respected Industry Publication Highlights District’s Innovative Conservation Program

September 4, 2020 –Rowland Water District’s groundbreaking conservation program grabs the spotlight in the latest edition of California Special Districts, the official publication for California Special Districts Association (CSDA). The article in the organization’s July/August issue focuses on the retrofitted filling stations at both Rowland and Blandford Elementary Schools. The Water Bottle Filling Station Program is designed to help students quickly learn the importance of reducing their dependency on plastic water bottles, and aligns with Rowland Water’s “What’s Your Footprint?” campaign, which is helping customers reach conservation goals at home.

“Plastic waste is so prevalent and harmful to the environment, so we wanted to start a conversation with our youngest customers to make them aware of the positive impact they can have on their communities and beyond by choosing to use refillable water bottles,” explains Brittnie Van De Car, Rowland Water’s Public Affairs Representative.

The program features retrofitted filling stations that offer chilled, tap water. Each station is outfitted with a special ticker that shows how many plastic bottles have been saved by filling up there. The stations are mounted above existing water fountains, so they are visible and easy to use. Branded posters above the stations explain the process of “Ready, Set, Refill.” Rowland Water has covered 100% of the cost of labor, installation (electrical and plumbing), and the actual cost of the filling station.

“We hope the concept will help students quickly learn the importance of reducing their dependence on plastic water bottles and will translate to other single-use plastics such as straws, plastic shopping bags, and excessive food packaging,” adds Van De Car. “The program has been incredibly well-received by students, parents, and educators alike, and we are thrilled to be bringing these eco-friendly filling stations to at least two additional District schools, selected via lottery system, within the next few months.”

California Special Districts is the only magazine written specifically for California Special District decision-makers. It provides a forum for all special district, state, and local leaders, addressing issues of special interest to them, including court decisions and opinions, and features individual district news items, profiles of district innovations and solutions, interviews with government officials, major policy and legislative issue articles, and special district features that are significant statewide. Rowland Water District is one of the nation’s more than 30,000 organizations authorized through a state’s statutes, to provide specialized services the local city or county do not provide. The CSDA Magazine can be viewed at www.csda.net.

For more information about Rowland Water’s “What’s in Your Bottle?” initiative and the Water Bottle Filling Station Program , visit www.rowlandwater.com.