March 6, 2018–  The Rowland Water District (RWD) Board of Directors recently completed a review of its annual audit and approved the findings at its regularly scheduled meeting on December 12.

The audit by White Nelson Diehl Evans examined financial activity during the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2017, and is required by state law for public agencies. The audit ensures that proper accounting procedures are followed and that public funds are being used properly, fairly and effectively to the optimal public benefit.

“Every year, we have an outside accounting firm go over every aspect of the District’s finances,” said Tom Coleman, Rowland Water District General Manager. “The audit process promotes efficiency, effectiveness and accountability, as it confirms that we are operating properly and within state guidelines. It’s an incredibly important process for our District.”

The accounting firm found zero instances of non-compliance and provided positive remarks on the District’s internal control over fiscal reporting.

“We are very pleased with the audit process and findings,” said Szu Pei Lu-Yang, Rowland’s Board President.  “Rowland’s strong financial health positions the District to provide long-term, reliable, cost-effective service to our customers.”

Rowland Water’s strategic plan “Effective Action for Sustainable Progress,” identifies goals and priorities for the agency, including: securing a reliable, long-term water supply for the region; enhancing communication with customers and other stakeholders; and building increased value into all services the District provides.

“Wise financial stewardship is one of the key initiatives emphasized by the District’s Board of Directors, added Coleman. “This year’s audit is an affirmation of just how seriously we take fiscal responsibility and transparency on behalf of our ratepayers.”

The annual audit report can be found on Rowland Water District’s website,


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