Fourth Annual “FORUS” Event Helps Put Conservation Message in Area Classrooms

October 24, 2019 – Rowland Water District is proud to sponsor the Fourth Annual State of the Schools Breakfast presented by the Friends of Rowland Unified Schools (FORUS) Foundation on Friday, October 25th at the Rowland Heights Community Center. It is one of the most popular local educational events, which brings together residents, parents, educators, elected officials, business leaders, and key community stakeholders to hear about the success and future of Rowland Unified School District.

“Teaching children and their families about the importance of conserving water is one of the most important components of our outreach efforts,” says Szu Pei Lu-Yang, President, FORUS Foundation, and a member of the Rowland Water District’s Board of Directors. “It is wonderful for the entire community when we can combine the resources of our local schools and our water district to get the broader water message into our customers’ homes. The FORUS event helps us do just that and we look forward to continuing to work together for the sake of our well-deserving local students.”
Again this year, Dr. Julie Mitchell, Superintendent of Schools for Rowland Unified School District, will headline the event with a presentation entitled ‘The Journey of Innovative Learning for All and the Community Connection for Student Success.” Event proceeds benefit local schools through the FORUS Foundation’s annual distribution of student scholarships, classroom grants, and the implementation of groundbreaking learning programs. The event begins at 7:30am.

For more information about this vital community event call (626) 888-1649 or email To learn more about Rowland Water District, visit the District’s website at