Capital Improvement Priorities Include Critical Reservoir Upgrades and Rehabilitation


June 25, 2020- Rowland Water District’s 2020-2021 operating budget was adopted unanimously by its Board of Directors at its regular monthly meeting June 16th.  In addition to providing for affordable rates for customers, the budget allocates over $3 million in funding for an impressive capital improvement plan, including upgrades to the District’s vital reservoir system. At a total of $27.7 million dollars, the annual budget is slightly higher than the operating budget for fiscal year 2019-2020.

“The maintenance of our District reservoirs is a critically important investment that allows us to ensure water safety and reliability for our loyal customers, now and in the coming years,” explains Tom Coleman, Rowland Water District General Manager. “Our latest capital improvement priorities include specific reservoir system improvements such as tank upgrades and surface repairs, structural and process removals and modifications, and service road updates, each of which helps to ensure the long-term reliability of our system.”

The District has 17 potable water storage reservoirs, with a 47-million-gallon capacity that serves a daily customer demand of 10 million gallons. The District also has one recycled water storage reservoir with a 5-million-gallon capacity. Capital improvement dollars will also be allocated to upgrade the District’s telemetry systems, which are automated communication systems that provide real-time data collected remotely and transmitted electronically for monitoring.

“As in each fiscal year, Rowland Water will continue to plan for future water usage demands,” adds Coleman. “We want customers to feel confident in the ways we choose to spend these dollars, especially during this unprecedented time.  Our service is essential, and so is our thoughtful planning and financial decision-making.”

Rowland Water continues to rely on its strategic plan “Effective Action for Sustainable Progress” to help guide expenditures on capital projects and day-to-day operational objectives.

The District’s 2020-2021 budget and its strategic plan can be viewed online at