Water ‘Experts’ of the Future to Train with Local Industry Leaders

May 24, 2019 –Rowland Water District is pleased to announce the launch of a unique educational partnership with Santiago Canyon College (SCC). The District will offer ‘water’ internships and potential part-time employment opportunities to qualified SCC students, who will receive hands-on, real-life work experience by training with some of the most highly-respected industry leaders in Southern California.

“The idea is to usher in a younger, bright, and eager crop of talent into the water industry, and to help them develop vital networking connections in our growing field,” says Rowland Water General Manager Tom Coleman. “We are very excited about this program, which reinforces Rowland’s strategic planning initiative to help drive and motivate talent, experience and learning in the water industry.”

The District internships will serve as one component of SCC’s Water Utility Science Program, which is designed to serve those select individuals who are employed or interested in employment in the water and/or wastewater fields, and those who desire to upgrade their skills and/or receive certification from the State of California, the American Water Works Association, or the California Environment Association.

Santiago Canyon College, a community college located in the city of Orange, California, educates and prepares more than 34,000 students each year for careers in a variety of professional fields including the arts, media, agriculture, automotive, energy and utilities, and more.

Rowland Water has been on the forefront of industry internship programs for several years. “Our goal is to provide tomorrow’s industry professionals with an understanding of how our system operates and what it takes to provide high quality water to our customers every day,” added Rowland Board President Robert Lewis. “The competitive internship program is an ideal opportunity for students to obtain hands-on experience and prepare for a successful career in the fast-growing, fast-paced water industry.”

For more information about Rowland Water District visit www.rowlandwater.com