Engaging Campaign and Online Platform Make Household Water Use Top-of-Mind

February 3, 2020– Rowland Water District has launched an exciting, innovative website focused on providing customers with user-friendly information and resources related to water conservation. Interested consumers can visit https://yourwaterfootprint.org/ to find the tools they need to monitor their ‘water footprint’ and most importantly, how to immediately change their water use behaviors. The launch of the online platform is just one component of a larger educational campaign that includes conservation-related bill inserts, handouts, flyers, educational programs for kids and more.

“Sometimes our customers don’t know where to start to conserve water and they don’t really even understand how much water they use,” explains Tom Coleman, General Manager of Rowland Water District. “As water use restrictions continue to be mandated by our state government, it’s important that we as a water agency communicate directly with our customers about the changes they can make in their own homes to achieve conservations goals.”

In 2018, former California Gov. Brown signed into law two bills (SB 606 and AB 1668) in an effort to “make water conservation a California way of life.” The bills are aimed at long-term conservation goals and providing water supply reliability to endure anticipated long and intense droughts. As a water supplier, the District will face a variety of new guidelines, tasks and responsibilities as part of the legislation, including new water use objectives and reporting requirements.

“Rowland Water continues to prioritize proactive conversations with our customers,” added Coleman. “This new website and interactive campaign not only help our customers save water but also helps us truly illustrate how statewide water use efficiency legislation will affect them.”

The interactive website features the following tabs:

“Take Action”- Consumers can use an online water footprint calculator to determine their total household water use and know exactly where they have opportunities to reduce water use. Customers answer questions about their habits in several categories, then check their math and water use frequently to see how water-wise they are.

“Kids Zone”- A fun, kid-friendly section where students can learn more about their water usage, interactive puzzles to help find all the places where leaks can occur, and an interactive educational picture in which kids can explore all the places where they can reduce their water footprint. You’ll even find water conservation artwork designed by Rowland Water District customers!

“Frequently Asked Questions” – Provides detailed answers to many of the questions asked by consumers. Examples include: We aren’t in a drought, why should I conserve water now? What do AB 1668 and SB 606 require? When does this legislation go into effect?

To learn more, visit https://yourwaterfootprint.org/


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