Rowland Water District’s Op-ed Article-October 2019

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100% of the District’s potable water supply is imported from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). Southern California, with its mountainous ranges, beaches and ever-
growing population, is a desert region depending largely on imported water for its economic survival. With its population increasing by approximately 280,000 persons per year, and its water supply diminishing, the area faces serious problems unless actions are taken.

What does this mean to our customers? As the local water supply decreases the only way the District can satisfy the increasing demand is to purchase more imported water from MWD. We must conserve water in and around our homes and businesses in order to make it through the warm months ahead without critical shortages.

In the long-term, even the purchased water imported from other regions of California is becoming more precious as the state population continues to grow and our regional water resources are stretched thin. The value and cost of water will only continue to rise with this demand. Therefore, using water wisely must be a way of life in Southern California – not just during times of drought.

Please conserve water in and around your home or business where possible. Using water wisely will minimize the purchase of more expensive, imported water. Any curtailment of demand may also lessen the costs and help postpone the investment needed in statewide water supplies. Thus, conserving water saves money for you, the consumer, both directly and indirectly. Call our staff or stop by the office for water conservation tips and educational material. Also, continue on with this web site category section for more information on water conservation and District programs.

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