At-Home Water Education Tool Kit Encourages Families
To Have Fun Learning Together

April 22, 2020 –Rowland Water District is pleased to offer parents and their children, who are studying at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, a comprehensive and fun educational tool kit that teaches the importance of water knowledge and conservation.

“This program allows parents and their kids to learn about water from the comfort of their own home by providing the proper tools and resources that share the importance of conservation,” says Brittnie Van De Car, Public Affairs Representative for Rowland Water District. “We welcome all family members to participate in these fun activities to gain a better understanding of how we think about water as a limited resource, which empowers us all to become better water savers.”

Kit supplies include:
Water cycle puzzle activity: A colorful educational puzzle that teaches students about the concepts of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
Water conservation word search: This puzzle finds and marks all the water-related words hidden inside the box.
Water awareness poster contest: Students are encouraged to create posters which depict water being used wisely at home, in the community, in recreation, and in the environment, and to showcase water saving ideas for the future.
‘Star Water Saver’ Water Drop Pledge: A simple pledge (signed and dated) where students commit to conserving water and becoming environmentally responsible citizens.
Ice Cream in a Bag Activity: Students will learn how to change matter from liquid to solid by changing the temperature and they will practice following directions and measuring with accuracy.

“During these challenging times, we recognize we can play a role in helping families use their time wisely and productively,” added Van De Car. “It’s a privilege to be a part of the at-home education effort.”

For more information about the at-home tool kit, visit or contact Brittnie Van De Car at or 562-697-1726.