District Determined to Become “Drought-Proof”; Adopts Future Planning Document

At its July 28 meeting, the Rowland Water District (RWD) Board of Directors approved part-two of a sweeping strategic planning document that builds on past successes and provides an adapted road-map to ensure future improvements.  The District’s 2015 Strategic Plan, which retains its original title “Effective Action for Sustainable Progress”, strives to build accountability by informing customers of exactly how RWD will aggressively pursue ways to sustainably serve the community for years to come.

“We went to great lengths to touch on virtually every area of concern in our strategic planning process, with a strong emphasis on how we manage District funds, and how we as an organization interface with those who use our services,” says Tom Coleman, RWD General Manager. “The result is a plan that ensures our capital projects will come to fruition, our water supply will be enhanced, our conservation methods will be fully deployed, and our infrastructure will never face obsolescence.  I don’t think we left a stone unturned.”

The Strategic Plan clearly addresses the District’s priorities in all areas of operations, from encouraging and engaging in open dialogue with customers to demonstrating prudent and reliable stewardship of District resources during a period of severe drought. RWD seeks to become “drought-proof” by developing new sources of water, increasing recycled water capacity, and reducing reliance on expensive imported water sources.

“The District has enjoyed great success in this area, and the newly adopted measures build on that past performance,” says Szu Pei Lu-Yang, RWD Board President.  “We will continue to foster a spirit of allegiance and excellence amongst our team and are particularly excited about a new internship program designed to advance the employee pool both in and out of the District.”

District finances are another area called to great attention in the newly implemented Strategic Plan. The Board is committed to keeping rates reasonable and affordable, while also ensuring that revenue supports district expenditures and future planning. In each area, RWD is committed to transparency when dealing with customers.

“It’s important that people trust their water agency is working on their behalf,” adds Coleman. “We are absolutely committed to providing the highest level of service, keeping costs down, and making sure that customers and stakeholders know at all times how public funds are being used. This Strategic Plan lays out basic core values of our organization, and we’re proud of this document. We think our customers will be, too.”

To view the Strategic Plan visit, www.rowlandwater.com/strategic-plan/