Measure aims to help customers struggling financially during coronavirus outbreak

March 17, 2020 – To assist our customers trying to cope with a loss or reduction of income during this unprecedented public health crisis, Rowland Water District will temporarily suspend water shutoffs due to non-payment and late payment fees.

Rowland Water District provides a safe and reliable supply of water for drinking and for sanitation. Frequent hand washing is a key part of preventing the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) and Rowland Water District will ensure all customers continue to have access to this vital resource. Water shutoffs and late payment fees are suspended until further notice.

Customers who have fallen behind on water bills are encouraged to call Rowland Water District at (562) 697-1726 for information on how to set up a payment plan.

To further protect the health of our community, Rowland Water District is encouraging customers to pay bills online at or via phone (855) 288-0679 to limit interactions and person-to-person contact with employees and other members of the public.

Coronavirus transfers from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. There is no evidence that coronavirus transfers through drinking water. Rowland Water District consistently tests water supplies to ensure customers receive a safe and steady supply of water that meets or exceeds all state and federal standards.

Rowland Water District will continue to monitor the situation and provides updates as necessary. Additional information can be found on our website at or by calling (562) 697-1726 during regular business hours.