Rowland Water District Releases Water Quality Report

Complete testing throughout 2016 available to customers online

July 12, 2017 – Rowland Water District has released its 2016 Consumer Confidence Report, which is available online at or in person at the District Headquarters. Every year, The Consumer Confidence Report compares drinking water quality to state and federal standards based on water samples conducted by the District during 2016.

Rowland Water completed nearly 1000 water quality tests throughout 2016, which indicated its drinking water meets or exceeds all state and federal water quality standards. The 2016 Annual Water Quality Report describes the quality of District water in detail, while also providing information about mandatory water use restrictions and current infrastructure projects and their impacts on customers.

“We are committed to providing high quality water to our customers,” said Rowland Water General Manager Tom Coleman. “A safe, reliable water supply is essential to our thriving community. Rowland Water takes that part of our job seriously and we are pleased to know we are exceeding government standards.”

Rowland Water District is committed to meeting our future water needs and diversifying our water supply portfolio, enhancing customer service and promoting financial stewardship. Since 1953, Rowland Water has continued to sustain the necessary resources to provide customers with the highest level of water quality available.

Customers are able to view the Water Quality Report 24/7 at



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