Rowland Water District Releases Annual Operating Budget

Fiscal sustainability displays ongoing stewardship and commitment to transparency

July 9, 2017– On June 13, 2017 the Rowland Water District Board of Directors unanimously adopted the 2017-2018 budget of $21.8 million. The Operating Budget will provide affordable rates for customers and allow the District to continue managing its water costs and services as efficiently as possible. In the past 64 years, Rowland Water has maintained a staff of 25 and has kept consistent operational values.

This year’s budget includes a less than five percent increase to the bottom line compared to fiscal year 2016-2017. New priorities this year include investments in conservation programs, capital improvements to increase water supply reliability and the transfer of service meters within the District to an Automatic Meter Reading system. The AMR/AMI system by Master Meter® is cutting edge technology that will allow the District to save money by reading meters faster and more accurately.

“Rowland Water’s commitment to transparency extends deep into its budget policies and priorities,” said Tom Coleman, RWD General Manager. “We are constantly pursuing ways to bring our costs down while continuing to provide excellent service and a reliable water supply for now and in the future.”

The District relied on its strategic planning effort “Effective Action for Sustainable Progress” to help guide expenditures on capital projects and day-today operational objectives. Rowland Water will also continue to pursue additional water supply sources to decrease its reliance on more expensive imported supplies.

The 2017-2018 budget can be viewed online at



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