Recycled Water History

Countrywood Condos – Miles of Pipeline: 18.1 miles
– Storage Tank Capacity: 5 million gallons
– Pipe Size Diameter: 4”-36”
 – Recycled Water Supplied in 2017: 340 million gallons






District Expansion:

Expansion PictureThe District has expanded the availability of recycled water to large commercial customers, school athletic fields and parks. Ensuring the ability to meet peak demands, reliability was addressed by converting an existing five million gallon reservoir from potable water storage to recycled water storage. The District continues to survey potential sites that use large amounts of highly treated potable water for uses that have been approved for recycled water.



Customer Development:

Pathfinder Park PictureRWD originally provided recycled water to only eight customers within the District. The original eight customers included three Los Angels County Parks (Schabarum, Carolyn Rosas, and Sunshine) four schools (Rowland, Rincon, Farjardo, and Nogales High School) in the Rowland Unified School District and the Queen of Heaven Cemetery. These eight connections accounted for an average demand of 340 acre feet per year (110 million gallons). Since 2002, the District has connected over 100 additional customers with an average demand of 950 acre feet per year (310 million gallons).These additional customers include irrigation demands for parks, landscaped medians, school athletic fields, California State Route 60 freeway improvements, and industrial use at a 500 megawatt Power plant in the City of Industry.