With California in the midst of another serious drought, it is more important than ever to fine-tune your water efficiency efforts. Rowland Water has a number of programs in place to help customers save water. Through a partnership with our wholesaler, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, customers are eligible for rebates on water-saving devices and incentives for replacing grass with low-water landscaping. For further information on available rebates, visit www.socalwatersmart.com or call (888) 376.3314. See below for details on specific programs.

Landscape Transformation Program is back!
Metropolitan rewards landscape designs that incorporate water-saving plants, technology, irrigation systems and hardware. Rebates start at $1 per square foot of grass replaced with California friendly landscaping, up to 1,500 square feet, in addition to incentives for devices such as weather-based irrigation controllers and rotating sprinkler nozzles and rain barrels. For more information on the program, visit SoCal WaterSmart or call 888.376.3314.

Available Rebates:

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