Rowland Heights, CA (July 16, 2021) – Two plans developed by Rowland Water District ensure continued delivery of safe, clean water to all customers for years to come, even during emergencies and extreme drought.

The Board of Directors recently adopted updates to the District’s Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP), first implemented in 2015, and Water Shortage Contingency Plan.

The UWMP assesses current and future demand, along with available water supplies through 2045. The plan demonstrates how the District can responsibly and sustainably meet demand by increasing the use of recycled water and reducing reliance on supplies imported from hundreds of miles away.

“This plan charts a course for careful management of our water supply,” said Rowland Water District General Manager Tom Coleman. “Our customers can take comfort knowing we’re making decisions today that guarantee reliable service 25 years into the future.”

In addition to the sustainability focus of the UWMP, the Board also approved a Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP). The WSCP outlines how the District will continue to provide water service to customers despite extreme conditions or sudden disruptions to water supplies. Emergency measures such as water restrictions are also detailed in the WSCP.

“If there is a major earthquake or extended drought, we have plans in place to respond appropriately and keep delivering water to our customers,” Coleman added. “We understand how important it is to always have water available, especially during a crisis.”

All California water agencies serving 3,000 customers or more must develop and update a UWMP and WSCP every five years. Please visit to view the adopted plans.