Newly-designed Online Platforms Focus on Drought Impacts and Legislation Affecting Residential Water Use

RWD New Website graphic

 (July 1, 2019) – Rowland Water District launched a brand new website featuring enhanced content, more intuitive navigation and a suite of customer tools designed to help water users find important information faster and more efficiently.

“Our new website is an exciting new “Digital Front Door” to Rowland Water and reflects our ongoing commitment to customer engagement,” said Rowland Water General Manager Tom Coleman.  “With its more modern look and feel, RowlandWater.Com will help customers find the latest news and events, information on District projects, translation services and a one-click bill pay option that will save customers time.”

The improved contains a navigation system that includes drop-down menus that direct users to the most commonly viewed pages and a search function where web users can search for useful information more easily. The re-designed homepage is dynamic and visually appealing offering visitors an “at a glance” glimpse into Rowland Water’s services and functions.

“We want our customers to immediately dive in to the District’s story,” adds Coleman.  “The new site is meant to draw people in and engage them in the important work we’re doing every day on their behalf.  Plus, it will simply make their lives easier by getting them the information they need quickly.”

Additionally, the new site boasts a legislative micro-website aimed at providing customers with the latest information on water-related laws and regulations, and their potential impact on the roughly 58,000 consumers that the District serves on a daily basis. Separating this critical information out in a user-friendly format is important to the success of the new site.

Interested District customers can log on to the micro-site at and find editorials and guests columns referring to new conservation regulations, proposed water taxes, and more under the ‘Legislative Updates’’ tab. By clicking on the ‘News’ tab, customers will find helpful information in categories such as California Waterblog, Media Updates, and Aquafornia News. There is also an ‘FAQs’ tab, where a variety of frequently asked water-related questions and detailed answers are posted.

“Frequent, robust customer engagement is a primary principle of our organization,” says Board President Robert Lewis.  “We are thrilled to bring the community these new online tools to help them stay engaged and ultimately become more educated water users.”

To learn more about Rowland Water District, call (562) 697-1726 or visit the District’s new website at