Water Education Program Promotes Creativity and Benefits Area Classrooms

(January 17, 2019) –Rowland Water District is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018-2019 EduBucks educational program, which encourages area teachers to get creative in crafting water activities, curriculum, and classroom field trips for their students. In partnership with the Water Education Water Awareness Committee (WEWAC), the District has awarded nearly $3000 in cash prizes this year to area schools and teachers, with the goal of introducing new water-wise habits into their curriculum.

“This year’s EduBucks winners have done some truly impressive things in their classrooms, and our local schools are offering up significant contributions to make the general public aware of the importance of saving water,” says Brittnie Van De Car, Public Affairs Representative for Rowland Water District. “More importantly, our educators and students are having fun as they come up with new ways to get our young people excited about the future of water, which is something that in the long run, also helps our local environment and California’s economy.”

This year, educators from Rowland Elementary School, Jellick Elementary School, and Blandford Elementary School were among the many applicants to receive an EduBucks award. Recipients are listed below:
-Khandy Ly-1st grade, Rowland Elementary School: “Water Cycle Coding!” $640.00
-Gilbert Navarro-5th Grade, Jellick Elementary School: “Water Cycle Unit” $793.97
-Michelle Willie-3rd Grade, Jellick Elementary School: “Field Trip to CA Science Center” $800.00
-2nd Grade Teachers, Blandford Elementary School: “Project-based Learning Water Activities” $700.00
EduBucks Awards Total: $2,933.97

Each teacher recipient is required to submit a final project budget, project pictures, and a written summary of what their students learned in order to confirm that the project results aligned with the original scope of their educational endeavor. Additionally, a District representative will visit each school to ensure that the winning projects have been completed.
For more information about the EduBucks program or about Rowland Water District visit www.rowlandwater.com