District Works with Families and Businesses to Save During Drought
Rowland Water District to Help Customers Save Water, Avoid Fines

(Rowland Heights, Calif., July 30) – Rowland Water District (RWD) will continue to work with its customers to find ways to save water. California is facing a severe drought and the state is taking a strong stance by prohibiting certain water-wasting behaviors and asking all residents to cut their use by 20%.

“We want our customers to know that we’re a resource for them,” said Ken Deck, General Manager of RWD. “Saving water is incredibly important during this drought and we believe giving people the tools they need to save is the best approach.”

On July 15, the State Water Resources Control Board issued a mandate ordering Californians to stop outdoor water waste, or face steep fines. The state is requiring districts to impose fines for customers that:

  • Wash down driveways and sidewalks
  • Have water running from landscaped areas onto the street or sidewalk
  • Use a hose without a shutoff nozzle to wash a vehicle, or
  • Use a fountain or water feature (without recirculating water) 

The state has also asked agencies to either limit customers to watering landscape twice weekly, or achieve equivalent water-savings some other way. RWD already has an ordinance in place that includes a variety of water-saving measures, and is considering declaring a level 2 water supply shortage due to the severity of the drought. A level 2 declaration would include the state requirements listed above and additional measures, like limiting landscape watering to Monday and Friday only.   The RWD Board of Directors will consider taking formal action on the potential level 2 declaration at its September 9 Board meeting.

RWD helps protect limited drinking water supplies with its recycled water program, providing some large irrigation and commercial customers with recycled water. To help customers do their part, the District website provides helpful water saving tips and rebate information.

For more information about Rowland Water District, including drought response and conservation information visit www.rowlandwater.com or call 562-697-1726.

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