Review of District’s 2017-2018 Business Practices
Showcases Transparency, Commitment to Financial Stewardship

February 13, 2019 –Rowland Water District is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has approved the findings of an independent audit of its 2017-2018 finances. The Board extensively reviewed the findings and finalized approval of the audit at its most recent Board meeting. The comprehensive process is required by state law for public agencies to ensure that proper accounting procedures are followed by the District.

“This financial report is designed to provide our customers and creditors with a general overview of the District’s finances, and to demonstrate our accountability for the money we charge customers,” says Rowland Water General Manager Tom Coleman. “It also shows that these funds are used properly, fairly, and effectively for optimal public benefit, which is critical to retaining the public’s trust as we move forward with our long-term goals.”

The audit conducted by White Nelson Diehl Evans examined financial activity during the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2018, and found no evidence of noncompliance or deficiencies in internal operating control on the part of the District.

“Progressive stewardship and financial responsibility are our primary goals at Rowland Water, and we are proud to share the audit’s findings with our customers and the general public,” adds Coleman. “We employed the most stringent accounting policies and procedures when preparing and presenting our financial statements, and we feel that the results of this most recent audit reflect that strict attention to detail and overall transparency.”

To learn more about Rowland Water District’s most recent audit, visit the District’s website at