Vote Ensures Future Emergency Water Supplies for Customers

July 19, 2018 – At its regular board meeting Tuesday, July 10th, the Rowland Water District Board of Directors voted 4-0 to adopt an ordinance advancing a comprehensive water conservation plan. The ordinance ensures future availability for customers in the event of a water emergency, limits the demand for imported water to avoid penalties for excessive use, and guarantees a reliable and sustainable supply for public health, safety, and welfare.

“Here in California, there is an ongoing and substantial threat of a severe water shortage in which the District’s supplies could be severely curtailed by State authorities,” explains Tom Coleman, General Manager for Rowland Water District. “We strongly believe that it is in the best interest of the residents and businesses within our District to implement this ordinance swiftly in order to conserve our current water supplies and prevent future waste.”

Ordinance No. 0-7-2018 outlines the measures to be taken in the event of water emergencies in which the District decides that the available water supply is not sufficient to meet expected consumer demands. Shortages range in severity according to Levels 1-4, with Level 4 being the most severe emergency situation such as the breakage or failure of a pipeline or dam.

A full listing of the restrictions applicable to the level of the declared shortage can be found online, and notice of the activation of a shortage will be included in the customer billing statement or in a separate mailing. At each shortage level, consumers will receive written notices for violations, and issued fines if those violations are not corrected within a certain time frame.

“While we are only experiencing an initial conservation stage now, we encourage our customers to always use water efficiently, even during times of adequate supplies,” adds Coleman. “Conservation practices include specific watering hours and other water use restrictions, each of which helps all of us remain aware of what’s at stake if we don’t conserve as much as we can together.”

To learn more about Rowland Water District’s conservation practices and the newly adopted contingency plan, call (562) 697-1726 or visit the District’s website at www.rowlandwater.com


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