Rowland Water’s Career Pathways Program Encourages Students to Connect with Leaders in Growing Industry

January 8 , 2021 –Rowland Water District is pleased to announce the launch of Career Pathways, a unique program that allows area students to explore future employment opportunities within the world of water, and to help them develop hands-on, real life experience in a growing field. Interested students will learn about the many aspects of the water industry, while applying classroom theories and concepts to “real-world” work situations.

“Ideally, we are looking for a special type of young person who is eager to work in an exciting, fast-paced environment,” explains Brittnie Van De Car, Education & Community Outreach Coordinator for Rowland Water District. “This educational alliance may lead to future internships and job-related activities, where our students will have unique opportunities to be mentored by highly-respected industry leaders. For some, this program may be the chance of a lifetime.”

As part of the initiative, the District is encouraging interested students to attend an informative, free webinar series on February 10-11, which will explore the many facets of water industry careers:

February 10: Inside the District: Hear from General Manager Tom Coleman and other District professionals about the office jobs that are a vital part of keeping the water flowing to your tap.

February 11: Pipes and Pumps: The District operations team will share field stories about water quality protection and delivery system maintenance. Hear from those who read the meters, maintain equipment, monitor operations, test the water, and manage major capital improvement projects.

The webinar series is also open to interested members of the community.

“We understand that COVID-19 has forced many in our community to seek out alternate careers going forward, and ours is a field in which there is always room for advancement. This will be a fun and comprehensive overview of the life-sustaining, essential services we provide,” adds Van De Car. “A new pathway could be waiting for them in 2021, and this might be the first step.”

For webinar log-in details and for more information about Rowland Water District’s Career Pathways program, visit