Posters from Nine Area Students Selected For Outstanding Creativity and Originality

May 31, 2018– Rowland Water District is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Water Conservation Poster Contest. Nine out of 14 local schools submitted posters to be judged, and the District received more than 700 posters from students throughout the area. Each year, the District hosts the contest where students are encouraged to create posters which depict water being used wisely at home, in the community, in recreation, in the environment, or that depict new water saving ideas for the future.

“A whopping 1,720 sheets of poster paper were requested and delivered, and 33 teachers and their classrooms participated in this year’s contest,” explains Brittnie Van De Car, Public Affairs Representative for Rowland Water District. “We received some truly impressive entries, and of the 48 we selected to be judged internally, nine were chosen as the best of 2018. Posters are judged based on creativity, spelling, and originality. Each winning student is given an Amazon gift card, and each participating teacher receives a Staples gift card,” she says.

The following is a list of the winning students in first-third place categories:

K-3rd Grade:

First place: Damien Cortes: Blandford Elementary-2nd Grade

Second place: Dylan Cruz: Blandford Elementary-3rd Grade

Third place: Isabella Tran: Blandford Elementary-3rd Grade

4-6th Grade:

First place: Fiona Chen: Blandford Elementary-6th Grade

Second place: Julianne Kang: Blandford Elementary-6th Grade

Third place: Margaret Oh: Jellick Elementary-5th Grade

7-12th Grade:

First place: Mahimaa Bharwahl: Alvarado Intermediate School-7th Grade

Second place: Leah Wu: Alvarado Intermediate School-7th Grade

Third place: Joseph Sung: Alvarado Intermediate School-7th Grade


The winning entries now advance to the Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) regional poster contest, where 36 entries will be selected to be featured in MWD’s Water is Life calendar, distributed to area schools and in the community. The artwork will also be featured in a traveling art show, on MWD outreach materials, and will appear on MWD’s website for a week.

To learn more about Rowland Water District, visit the District’s website at


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